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AADL Inspector is a model processing framework for AADL. Its aim is to provide a light and extensible tool to perform static and dynamic analysis of AADL architectures, and to easily connect any AADL compliant verification tool or code generator.

AADL Inspector currently provides the following main features:

  • an AADL syntactic analyser
  • a set of static semantic rules checkers
  • schedulability analysis (Cheddar)
  • virtual execution of AADL models based on the Behavioral Annex (Marzhin)

AADL Inspector can be used for Performance, Safety and Security analysis of:

  • real-time software (RTOS based systems)
  • partitioned software (TSP, IMA, ARINC 653)
  • distributed software (network based systems)
  • asynchronous systems (interaction with the environment, virtual reality)

AADL Inspector can be used with any AADL compliant textual files or code generators and is especially well connected with the Stood for AADL modeling environment.

AADL Inspector can be downloaded from here

AADL Inspector online tutorials can be found here

AADL Inspector detailed technical description can be found here

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