ARP4761 - Wheel Brake System (WBS) Example

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General Information

Model version

There are two models:

  1. Simple version: one model that shows the ARP4761 example (for details, see Simple version of the ARP4761/AIR6110 example)
  2. Advanced version: one functional model and one implementation model. The implementation is then bound to the function and populate the fault-tree and safety analyses (for details, see Advanced version of the ARP4761/AIR6110 example)

Capability demonstrated

  • Fault Hazard Analysis
  • Fault-Tree Analysis
  • Error-Model Consistency
  • Formal Verification

Importing the Model

The model can be imported from github. To do so:

  1. choose File->Import.
  2. select Git and Project From GIT.

If you do not have the GIT feature installed in your OSATE product, you may be interested by the following tutorial: Installing GIT feature in OSATE2.

Enter the URI as shown below.

Then, when the git repository is imported, go to the git perspective. You can find the perspective buttons on the top-right on the Eclipse environment, as shown in the following picture:

Select the examples repository, then, the working directory and make a right-click on the ARP4761 folder and select "Import Projects". Then, you will be able to import the ARP4761 project into your Eclipse workspace.

Model Details

Each version (simple and advanced) are presented in the following:

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