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An update site ( ) has been created to provide new versions of ADELE editor and also Osate2 feature.

You start with Topcased 5.2.0 (found at

To install Osate2 feature it is mandatory to install XText 2.1.0 (version 2.0.0 is provided by Topcased 5.2.0). The needed XText plugins are provided by the update site.

In order to minimize interaction troubles between Osate1 and Osate2, the Osate1 feature can be uninstall from topcased 5.2.0. To do it, follow this steps: - in the 'help' menu, select 'About eclipse platform' - in the popup window, click on 'Installation Details' - in the 'Installed Software' tab, select the Osate1 feature and click on 'Uninstall...'

It is to be considered that Osate2 is still under development. Osate2 feature is built with the same sources as the RCP snapshots ( ). To get more information about Osate2, have a look the public Wiki at and

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