Apr 2011 User Day

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Meeting Agenda by Bruce Lewis

AADL News and Issues by Bruce Lewis

Mission System Patterns and Verification by Julien Delange of ESA. On Modelling space mission systems in AADLv2: patterns and verification.

AADL and SysML by Jerome Hugues of ISEA. On SysML and AADL, patterns for integrated Use.

Synchronous AADL, PALS, and Maude by Jose Meseguer of UIUC. On Synchronous AADL and its Formal Analysis in Maude in the context of PALS. For more on PALS see a DACS 2009 presentation and a paper titled Implementing Local Synchrony in Integrated Modular Avionics.

Soundness with AADL/BLESS by Brian Larson of Multitude Corporation. On Proving Soundness of the Logic used for Correctness Proofs made by Behavior Language for Embedded Systems with Software.

FUSE Meta Language by Steve Vestal of Adventium. On The FUSED Meta-Language & Tools for Complex System Engineering.

Network Protocol Fault Modeling by Kevin Driscoll of Honeywell. Use of AADL and Error Model Annex to model and analyze SafeBus, TTP, BRAIN, NASA SPDIER.

Time Triggered Systems by Mirko Jakovljevic of TTTech. On the activities of the SAE Subcommittee on Time Triggered Systems and Architectures.

From AADL to SystemC by Pierre Bomel of UBS/Lab-STICC. On Generate SystemC models from AADL models with and MDE approach based on ATL language

Requirements Support in AADL by Dominique Blouin of UBS/Lab-STICC. On progress on Requirements Definition and Analysis Tool and a draft requirements annex document.

AADL Behavior Annex Plug-in by Etienne Borde of Telecon ParisTech. On An implementation of the AADL-BA Behavior Annex front-end: an OSATE 2 Eclipse plug-in.

ElliDiss AADL Tool Support by Pierre Dissaux of ElliDiss. On STOOD for AADL and the AADL Inspector.

SAVI Demonstrations AVSI System Architecture Virtual Integration (SAVI) Phase 2 demonstration of Mechatronics, safety, and reliability analysis via a multi-model approach based on AADL.

For access to draft documents in the works please see the Committee Wiki. At this meeting a draft requirement definition and analysis annex and a first draft of the revised Error Model Annex were made available.

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