April 2012 User Day

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Meeting Agenda by Bruce Lewis

AADL News and Issues by Bruce Lewis

Next meetings are

  • Fall 2012 - Co-located with Fall SAE 2012 Oct ASD Aerospace Conf , Honeywell (Phoenix, AZ), Meeting: Oct 29 – Nov 1.

Compliance Testing of AADL V2 by Alexey Khoroshilov of ISPRAS. Status of the AADL Compliance Test Suite.

Query/Constraint Language for AADL by Jerome Hugues & Serban Gheorghe. Query Language for AADLv2, Requirements and technical strategy.

Adele Graphical Editor by Pierre Dissaux. On the tool strategy of Ellidiss which includes the commercially supported STOOD toolset and AADL Inspector, open source tool support (Adele and Cheddar), and domain specific graphical editors for AADL. For access to Adele see Adele.

META Compositional Analysis by Darren Cofer of Rockwell Collins. Presentation and demo on compositional analysis of avionics architectures in AADL. Based on architecture patterns, assumptions and contracts, support compositional verification of avionics systems. See also an overview presentation on Model-Based Safety Analysis by Steve Miller, Darren's presentation on contracts and assumptions at the Oct 2011 meeting, and on SysML/AADL as frontend for complexity reducing design patterns for CPS at the Jan 2012 meeting.

RTEdge by Serban Gheorghe of Edgewater. On an AADL Run-time Environment Architecture based on the RTEdge® Microkernel.

AADL Requirements Annex and Tool by Dominique Blouin of UBS. The presentation summarizes the status of migrating the tool to OSATE V2. It also discusses new work on properties of requirement specifications, such as completeness, correctness, unambiguity, consistency - as defined by IEEE Standard 830-1998. Finally, the presentation discusses the need for a Quantitative Analysis Modeling Language.

GLASSES project by Pierre Dissaux and Dominique Blouin. GLASSES is a new project for rapid development of domain-specific development tools using AADL.

Update on AADL, Bless and ICE by Brian Larson of Multitude. Update Modeling of the Patient-Controlled Analgesia Pump (PCAP) in the Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE) with AADL and BLESS.

CertWare by Matthew Barry of Kestrel. Presentation and demo of the Open Source Kestrel Assurance Case Workbench supporting multiple notations and Bayesian analysis.

Reliable Networks and Flight Control Systems by Kevin Driscoll and Brendan Hall of Honeywell. Discussion of a NASA funded project in V&V of highly reliable network protocols (SafeBus, TTA/TTP, BRAIN, Spider) and redundancy in flight control systems (FCS). The goal of the project is to provide advanced analytical, architectural, and testing capabilities to enable sound assurance of safety-critical properties for distributed systems of systems and to establish a comprehensive collection of re-usable models supporting the V&V of a broad array of distributed systems; enable objective engineering trade-offs to resolve debates about “best” approach. AADL and the error model annex are used in modeling the architecture of the network and FCS - driving the revision of the Error Model Annex V2.

Behavior Annex Plugin by Etienne Borde of Telecom Paristech. Status of implementation and demo of the BA Plugin for AADL V2.

Automated FMEA from AADL by Myron Hecht of Aerospace Corp. Automated Generation of Failure Modes and Effects Analyses from AADL Models.

The new Error Model V2 Annex by Peter Feiler of SEI. A summary of changes to the draft revision of the Error Model Annex. The objective is to provide better defined semantics with the annex, including a common set software related architecture fault categories. The changes focused on improving the consistency of the syntax and semantics. A prototype implementation of the Error Model V2 Annex is in progress. The draft Error Model Annex document is available on request. An overview presentation of the Error Model Annex V2 is available.

FUSED Tutorial by Steve Vestal of AdventiumLabs. An impressive hands-on tutorial on the use of the FUSED framework for model-based System Engineering. This model and tool integration framework was developed under the META program. The hands-on tutorial was on an Army UAV and included architecture design tradeoff analysis. For instructions to download the tutorial see the Agenda document for this meeting (above).

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