April 2013 User Day

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Meeting Agenda by Bruce Lewis

AADL News and Issues by Bruce Lewis

Next meetings are

  • Summer 2013 - Paris, France, June 24-27, 2013. Possible alternative July 8-11, Pittsburgh PA.
  • Fall 2013 - at SAE AeroTech, Montreal, Sept 24-26 2013.
  • Winter 2014 - at ERTS Toulouse France, Feb 5-7, AADL meeting Feb 3-5, 2014.
  • Spring 2014
  • Summer 2014
  • Fall 2014 - at MODELS conference, Sept 28- Oct 3, 2014, Valencia Spain

AADL Tool Technologies by Pierre Dissaux of ElliDiss. Update on AADL Tools by ElliDiss including the AADL Inspector tool integrated with a number of plug-ins (Cheddar scheduling analysis, Marzhin dynamic simulation, FIACRE generation from AADL and BA, SLIM generation, SIGNAL gfeneration, Power Consumption Analysis (OpenPeople), source code generators (Ocarina and Ramses), SysML reader, UML/MARTE reader.

Synchronous System Timing Annex Jean-Pierre Talpin of INRIA. Parts 2 Time, 3 Automata, 4 Annex of the presentation.

Multi-Platform Code Generation by Oleg Sokolski of U. Penn. On code generation from AADL models to multiple target platforms based on Timed Automata representation of AADL models.

OSATE Update by Julien Delange of SEI. On recent developments in OSATE with focus on recent additions to safety analysis support.

OSATE Analyses by Peter Feiler of SEI. On range of analysis plugins in OSATE2 provided by the SEI.

Constraint Language Annex for AADL presentation by Serban Gheorghe. Discussion of language structure and draft document of Constraint Language for AADLv2.

Requirements Annex Discussion Dominique Blouin of University of Brest. Discussion items regarding draft 1.6 of the Requirements Definition and Analysis Language Annex.

Adele Graphical Editor Integation and Model Synchronization Dominique Blouin of University of Brest. Status report of the Adele Graphical Editor integration with OSATE and provision of a general model synchronization framework between multiple editors.

Error Model V2 Annex Discussion Peter Feiler of SEI. Discussion items regarding the Error Model V2 Annex. Review of revisions discussed at the Feb meeting and new items regarding EMV2 inheritance in context of core classifier inheritance, quantification of error types, and separation of observable propagation paths from error propagation declarations.

Code Generation Annex Discussion Jerome Hugues of ISAE. Review of code generation in preparation of informal ballot.

Modeling of Multi-core Architectures Jerome Hugues of ISAE. Discussion of modeling patterns for multi-core architectures.

Specification of Safety Critical Embedded Systems Etienne Borde of Telecom Paristech. Use of RAMSES code generation from AADL/BA for safety critical embedded systems.

Graphical Annex Update Recommendations Pierre Labreche of CMC Electronics. Proposal for more consistency in AADL graphical notation. Includes a discussion of a graphical presentation of modes and states in other notations.

AADL V2.1 Errata Peter Feiler of SEI. Discussion of errata to AADL V2.1. They can also be found at SAE AADL AS5506B Errata.

BLESS Proof Example of Stepper Motor Brian Larson of KSU. Presentation and demo on use of BLESS to prove properties of a stepper motor control system.

Requirements Specification in Medical Devices Mike Whalen of U. Minn. Presentation of NSF project on use of architecture models to address challenges in specifying requirements for medical cyber-physical systems.

Secure Math-Assured Composition of Control Models Mike Whalen of U. Minn. Presentation of DARPA HACMS funded project on assuring security in unmanned aircraft systems through architecture-centric compositional model verification, and trusted build.

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