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In order to build OSATE2 product, we have a dedicated set of scripts that automate the production of Eclipse release with the OSATE2 branding information. These scripts are published under the build-scripts sub-project on github, you can check it out here :


The project contains the following files:

  • : used to build the latest stable using the git tag associated to it
  • used to build the latest version of OSATE under the develop branch
  • : used to build CLI tools with OSATE and RAMSES


For each script, you have to specify the working directory. This is done by changing the BUILDDIR variable inside each script. Users may want to change the directory used to build OSATE and thus, would change it.

Build output

  • The features and plugin for building an update site are available in the directory $BUILDDIR/core/
  • The full product (standalone installation for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc.) is produced in $BUILDDIR/core/
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