Changing Branding Information

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Before making a release, the following files must be changed/modified :

  1. org.osate.branding/about.mappings
    1. In case of a release, argument 0 would be the version and argument 1 would be the release date.
    2. In case of a custom build, argument 0 would be the version number and argument 1 would be custom-from-sources
  2. org.osate.branding/
    1. Check version number (RELEASE_VERSION)
    2. Check the date. (RELEASE_DATE)
    3. In case of a build from sources, just put custom from sources as version number

Modification from the build infrastructure

The build infrastructure automatically replace the string RELEASE_VERSION and RELEASE_DATE with values automatically generated by scripts. Also, the values for a static and stable build are automatically generated. For this reason, if you want to change the values, you have to do it manually.

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