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This page will contain all information related to the ESWeek 2016 tutorial. The tutorial will take place on Sunday, October 2 from 8:00am to 12:00pm. This 4 hours tutorial covers the following topics:

  • learn the main concepts of AADL
  • use of the OSATE toolsuite
  • design of a safety-critical systems
  • practice AADL-based latency, safety and security analysis

Detail about attendance, location and other logistics consideration can be found there



  1. OSATE: this will be an interactive tutorial that give the opportunity to attendees to learn and practice the concepts of AADL in a practical manner. Attendees that want to practice and use the OSATE modeling toolsuite must install the OSATE toolsuite before the tutorial. You have to install additional security analysis tools to do all the tutorial (see below).
  2. Network access: we would need network access during the workshop to checkout a remote repository. Please make sure you have a network access during the workshop and your computer is correctly configure. If you are using a proxy server, make sure your OSATE installation have the proxy correctly configure BEFORE the workshop.

Installing security analysis tools

Model and examples

The model and examples used during the tutorial will be available on the OSATE github account. Examples can be found on Exercises and solutions can be found on


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