Feb 2014 User Day

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Meeting Agenda by Bruce Lewis

AADL News and Issues by Bruce Lewis

Next meetings are

  • Summer 2014 - Orlando FL July 7-10.
  • Fall 2014 - at MODELS conference, Sept 28- Oct 3, 2014, Valencia Spain

Boeing 777 ADIRU Model Jerome Hugues from ISAE. Model of an ADIRU in AADL Revisiting Boeing 777-2H6ER bug.

Design and Analysis of Multicore systems with AADL Julien Delange of SEI. An approach to modeling multi-core architectures (ERTS 2014 paper).

Modeling Multi-processor Architectures for Scheduling Analysis Stephane Rubini of UBO. Modeling and Scheduling Analysis for Various Types of multi processors and multi-core Architectures

ElliDiss AADL Tool Strategy Pierre Dissaux of ElliDiss. Ellidiss projects updates and technology advances.

Real-Time Scheduling Analysis with Cache Handling Support Nam Hai Tran of UBO. Taking into account hardware caches in scheduling analysis. (ERTS 2014)

Subset Annex Vincent Gaudel of UBS. Discussion of subset concept to formally specify minimum subset requirements for models (e.g., for analysis), and maximum subset requirements (e.g., constraint to periodic tasks only).

Supporting the ARP4761 Safety Assessment Process with AADL Peter Feiler of SEI. Supporting the SAE ARP4761 recommended practice for system safety analysis (ERTS 2014 paper).

Constraints Annex Implementation Approach Jerome Hugues from ISAE. An approach to implement the proposed Constraint Annex.

Requirements, Constraints, and Verification Activities Peter Feiler from SEI. Experiments with Constraints and the Requirements Annex.

Constraint Annex Update Serban Gheorghe from Edgewater. Continued discussion of constraint annex (based on PSL).

Code Generation for ARINC653 Etienne Borde of Telecom ParisTech. AADL ARINC653 code generation Status Report.

System to Software Integrity: A Case Study Matteo Bordin of AdaCore, Jerome Hugues of ISAE. (ERTS2014 paper) From AADL and Simulink to SPARK for a verified software implementation.

Model Synchronization and Graphical Editor Jean Francois Boland of ETS LASSENA. Design Space Exploration: Bridging the Gap Between High-Level Models and Virtual Prototype.

Synchronous System Timing Annex Jean-Pierre Talpin of INRIA. Discussion of support for compound events, regular expressions to express constraints, and refinement.

Measurement Units Annex Alexey Khoroshilov of ISPRAS. Some refinements to the draft annex.

Real-time FIACRE Jerome Hugues of ISEA. FIACRE is a behavior specification interchange format supporting the Behavior Annex and modes.

Error Model EMV2 Annex Standard Peter Feiler of SEI. Discussion of results from informal ballot. It looks like we will proceed to formal ballot after the April meeting.

AADL V2.1 Errata Peter Feiler of SEI. Discussion of errata to AADL V2.1.

AADL V2.1 Feature Group Improvement Peter Feiler of SEI. Summary of issues and solution approached in previous meetings.

Possible AADL V2.1 extensions Alexey Khoroshilov of RAS ISP. Possible extensions based on MASIW experience.

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