Feb 2015 User Day

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The AADL Meeting was held jointly with the OpenGroup.

AADL News and Issues by Bruce Lewis

AADL Related Presentations

AADL Virtual Integration Overview by Bruce Lewis

Incremental Life-Cycle Assurance by Peter Feiler

Safe and Secure Systems with AADL by Julien Delange

OSATE Overview by Julien Delange

EllisDiss AADL Tools Overview by Pierre Dissaux

RAMSES Code Generation Overview by Etienne Borde

Medical Device Virtual Integration by Brian Larson

BLESS Paper by Brian Larson

BLESS Syntax Card by Brian Larson

SAE AeroTech Call for Papers

OpenGroup Presentations on Mils/D-MILS

D-MILS Overview by Rance Delong

D-MILS Example by Rance Delong

Mils for Mobile Devices by Dylan McNamee

EC Projects Update by Scott Hansen

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