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Incoming Release

  • SEI::Cycle_Time
    • Modelers: SEI::Cycle_Time and SEI::CyclesPerInstruction have been removed from the property set. Cycle_time is a redundant specification of the processor capacity to execute instructions, i.e., via SEI::MIPSCapacity. Users should use SEI::MIPSCapacity only. (on 02/28/2013)
    • Plug in Developers: Instead of the getCycleTime method we now have the getInstructionExecutionTime method. It determines the value from the MIPSCapacity. The value can be used to convert between execution time and instructions per second or instructions per dispatch. The latter are a processor speed independent way of specifying resource demand on processors.
  • InstructionsPerDispatch Modelers: InstructionsPerDispatch lets you specify the resource demand of a thread in terms of instructions per execution of a dispatch as an alternative to Compute_Execution_Time. This value is independent of the speed of a processor, while execution time is dependent on processor speed. This value will be used to determine the execution time. If not present the compute_execution_time value will be used. (on 02/28/2013)
  • Scaling_Factor We have removed Scaling_Factor, a predeclared property. It represents the scaling factor to be used to adjust execution time to specific processors. This property can be computed from the MIPSCapacity of the reference processor and the target processor. An explicit specification as property value could result in inconsistency with the MIPSCapacity values on the processors. Furthermore the applicability of the property as specified in the standard was inconsistent. Plug in Developers: the method for retrieving the scaling factor is still available.(on 02/28/2013)
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