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The plugin with the source code can be download it from: here

Using the Compiler

This compiler compiles aadl files into aaxl files. If a file has a reference to an object defined in another file (e.g. a property definition in another file) that file needs to be provided as well. In other words, you should provide to the compiler all the files needed to resolve all the references (except for the standard properties, i.e., AADL_Properties).

To run the compiler you need to install a version of OSATE and copy the ConsoleCompiler jar plugin into the plugins directory. The command to run the compiler is shown next:

java -jar plugins\org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.0.0.v20070523.jar -consoleLog 
 -console -nosplash -application ConsoleCompile.ConsoleCompile c:\temp\ps.aadl c:\temp\in.aadl

The exact name of the laucher jar file will depend on the version of the OSATE you are using at the time. In this example we pass to the compiler two files: ps.aadl that defines a property set and in.aadl that defines an AADL specification and uses a property from ps.aadl.

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