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Meeting Agenda by Bruce Lewis

Modeling Space Systems in AADL by Julien Delange of ESA. On modeling mission requirements and functional architecture leading to automatic validation of mission requirements.

ESA TASTE Toolchain by by Julien Delange of ESA. On the TASTE toolchain supporting AADL by the European Space Agency. The toolset is available for download.

Mission System Patterns and Verification by Steve Miller of Rockwell Collins. On Complexity-Reducing Design Patterns for Cyber-Physical Systems.

OCARINA Enhancements by Jerome Hugues of ISEA. On OCARINA for AADL V1 and AADL V2 with code generation including device driver support, model transformation support and a constraint language.

Synchronous AADL and PALS by Jose Meseguer of UIUC. On AADL formal analysis in Maude, Physically Asynchronous Logically Synchronous (PALS) architectures, and Synchronous AADL. See also Paper on Formal Semantics and Analysis of Behavioral AADL Models in Real-Time Maude. For more on PALS see a DACS 2009 presentation and papers titled "Implementing Local Synchrony in Integrated Modular Avionics" and "Formalization and correctness of the PALS architectural pattern for distributed real-time systems".

AADL Behavior Annex Plug-in by Etienne Borde of Telecon ParisTech. On An implementation of the AADL-BA Behavior Annex front-end: an OSATE 2 Eclipse plug-in.

Hardware Flow Specifications in AADL by Min Young Nam of UIUC. On specifying hardware flows and a supporting property set.

Error Ontology, AADL Error View and Altarica by Vangelis Vassiliadis of Gnomon. On A Semantic Web Architecture for Model based Safety Engineering.

Objectives and Strategy for Error Model Annex Revision by Peter Feiler of SEI. This briefing summarizes the goals, approach, and examples for improving the Error Model Annex.

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