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Meeting Agenda by Bruce Lewis

AADL News and Issues by Bruce Lewis

Next meetings are

  • Spring 2012 - April SAE Sponsored Minneapolis, April 16-19, 2012

Update on Bless and ICE by Brian Larson of Multitude. Conditional Expressions for BLESS and Modeling of the Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE) with AADL and BLESS.

Future plans for Topcased by Pierre Gaufillet.

Query/Constraint Language for AADL by Jerome Hugues & Serban Gheorghe. Query Language for AADLv2, Requirements and first propositions.

AADL and FIACRE by Mamoun Filali. Latest on the FIACRE interchange notation for model checkers and tool support for working with AADL.

SysML Front-end to AADL by Darren Cofer of Rockwell Collins. Presentation and demo of tool chain using Enterprise Architect with SysML and AADL stereotypes as graphical AADL front-end interfacing to various analyses via OSATE. Analysis includes structural validation of archtiecture design patterns with LUTE, and compositional behavior specification and validation with AGREE.

AADL Requirements Annex and Tool by Dominique Blouin of UBS. The presentation is a walk through showing how the tool supports the requirement engineering process outlined in the Requirements Engineering Handbook done by Steve Miller et.al. for the FAA (Req Eng Mgt HandBook 2008). It shows support for System Overview (from the Handbook), specification of system goals, textual and formalized requirement specification and their association with a system context model expressed in AADL, traceability to use cases, and specification of verification activities. He used the Isolette example from the handbook.

Behavior Annex Plugin by Etienne Borde of Telecom Paristech. Implementation and usage of the BA Plugin.

Adele Graphical Editor by Pierre Dissaux. On the tool strategy of Ellidiss regarding the Adele grpahical editor and its support of AADL.

Project p Marc Pantel. Compiling Heterogeneous Models: Motivations and Challenges.

TASTE Tutorial by Julien Delange. Hands-on tutorial on the use of the TASTE tool chain to create a system, perform scheduling analysis,and generate different executable 1 and 2 processor configurations.The material has been removed, see [TASTE] for updated materials

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