Jan 2016 User Day

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The AADL Meeting was held in conjunction with ERTS 2016.

Presented material can be found at AADL User Day Repository

The material includes News from Bruce Lewis, presentations on MDE with Capella and AADL, on AADL and D-MILS (Security), on the AADL Networking annex, on TT Interoperability, on issues with data components, and the agenda.

Material specific to AADL V3 discussions can be found at AADL V3 Presentations

We are now tracking errata for AADL V2.1 at [1].

Summaries of approved and open errata can be found at Summaries of approved Errata.

Most recent and new errata are being tracked as Github issues at AADL V2.1 Issues. Please enter new errata as issues there.

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