July 2013 User Day

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Meeting Agenda by Bruce Lewis

AADL News and Issues by Bruce Lewis

Next meetings are

  • Fall 2013 - at SAE AeroTech, Montreal, Sept 24/25-27 2013.
  • Winter 2014 - at ERTS Toulouse France, Feb 5-7, AADL meeting Feb 3-5, 2014.
  • Spring 2014 - Bay area CA
  • Summer 2014 - Orlando FL July 7-10.
  • Fall 2014 - at MODELS conference, Sept 28- Oct 3, 2014, Valencia Spain

Safety Analysis with AADL and EMV2 Julien Delange of SEI. SAVI/Safety Analysis Tools with Demonstration using AADL and EMV2. Includes a discussion of consistency checks between different parts of the architecture fault model specification via EMV2. Video recording of presentation and demo on SAE Webex site or as mp4 on AADL site.

Large-scale Failure Mode and Effect Analysis Myron Hecht of Aerospace Corp. A Tool Set for Generation of Failure Modes and Effects Analyses from AADL Models. Video of presentation and of the tool demo.

OSATE Overview and Community Updates Julien Delange of SEI. Summary of recent additions to OSATE V2, development statistics that include community contributions.

OSATE Analysis Ports and Upgrades Peter Feiler of SEI. Summary of ports and upgrades to analysis plug-ins from OSATE 1.5 to OSATE V2. Video of presentation.

ARINC653 Annex Julien Delange of SEI. Status of implementations and possible update to accommodate ARINC653 standard updates. Video of presentation.

AADL and RAMSES Etienne Borde of Telecom ParisTech. Refinement of AADL Models for the Synthesis of Embedded Systems using RAMSES as code generation environment. Video of presentation and of the demo.

AADL Inspector and Cheddar Pierre Dissaux of ElliDiss. Update on the latest AADL Inspector release and Cheddar. Video pf presentation

AADL and Multi-model Integration with Sphinx Mathieu Couette of Greensyde. Presentation of a framework for multi-model integration currently being integrated with OSATE on an experimental basis. Video of presentation.

AADL Constraint Annex Serban Gheorghe of EdgeWater. Discussion of the latest draft of the Constraint Annex for AADL. It draws on PSL and other constraint notations adapted to AADL.

AADL Requirements Definition and Analysis Language (RDAL) Annex Status Dominique Blouin of UBS. Discussion of the latest draft of the Requirements Annex for AADL. Video of presentation of RDAL Concepts.

Model Synchronization and Graphical Editor Dominique Blouin of UBS. Status and demo of project to automate model synchronization between tools and its implementation in the integration of the Adele graphical editor. Video of presentation.

AADL V2.1 Errata Peter Feiler of SEI. Discussion of errata to AADL V2.1. They can also be found at SAE AADL AS5506B Errata.

Subset Specification for AADL Vincent Gaudel of UBS. Proposal for a subset specification of AADL models. One of the uses is for specification of necessary model content for specific analysis tools.

Measurement Units Annex Alexey Khoroshilov of ISPRAS. Proposal for an Annex of measurement unit definitions aligned with industry standards.

BLESS Hands-on Tutorial by Brian Larson of MultiTude. Video recording in as mp4 on the AADL site or in two parts from the SAE Webex site: BLESS Hands On Tutorial Part 1 BLESS Hands On Tutorial Part 2.

BLESS Installation Instructions.

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