June 2011 User Day

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Meeting Agenda by Bruce Lewis

AADL News and Issues by Bruce Lewis

Next meetings are

  • Fall 2011 – SAE meeting in Toulouse, France, Oct 18-21 Centre de Congres Pierre Baudis & Toulouse Expo
  • Winter 2012 – ERTS is Feb 1-3 in Toulouse. AADL meeting in the same week (Jan 30 - Feb 1) – location N7
  • Spring 2012 - April SAE Sponsored Minneapolis, April 16-19, 2012

Generic Patient-Controlled Analgesic Specification (GPCA) by Oleg Sokolsky of UPenn. On the use of AADL in verifying a GPCA. This research project is done in collaboration with the FDA. The system specification is available as a model problem and we plan to make the AADL model available for further collaboration.

Integrating Formal Model Checking with the RTEdge AADL Microkernel by Serban Gheorghe of Edgewater. On applying formal methods to verify the architecture model expressed in a (subset of) AADL against the RTEdge real-time OS using mathematical proof and static analysis.

Modular Avionics System Integrator Workplace by Alexey Khoroshilov of ISPRAS. On an open source tool environment for Avionics Systems based on AADL.

SAVI Phase 2 Demo by Peter Feiler of SEI. Demonstration of a Mechatronics analysis (Finite Element analysis combined with actuator dynamics expressed in Simulink coordinated via AADL), safety analysis (FHA and FMEA) and reliability analysis (availability) from the same architecture model. For further details and an online version of the demo see SAVI Demonstrations.

OSATE V2 Release by Peter Feiler of SEI. We have funding again to complete the implementation of OSATE for V2. We are now taking advantage of XText and expect to have a new release out by mid-July.

Cheddar Update and Research Roadmap by Frank Singhoff of U. Brest. The presentation covers next steps in Cheddar research and verification of architecture patterns.

On Design Patterns with AADL by Frank Singhoff of U. Brest. The presentation discusses Automatic Selection of Feasibility Tests With the Use of AADL Design Patterns.

System-level co-modeling AADL and Simulink specifications using Polychrony (and Syndex) by Jean-Pierre Talpin of INRIA. On asynchronous interaction of synchronous subsystems. Synchronous Models in AADL provides additional detail and references to related work.

System C Plug-in by Etienne Borde of Telecom ParisTech. Towards AADL to SystemC mapping for partitioned systems.

On Testability and AADL by Jean-Sébastien Cruz of MBDA. About testability …for an AADL prospect using with respect to your needs.

Requirements Definition and Analysis Annex by Dominique Blouin of UBS. Presented the current status of this Annex and discussion of its improvement. For a draft please contact Peter.

Modeling and Verification of Memory Architecture with AADL and REAL by Stéphane Rubini of U. Brest. Detailed modeling of the memory architecture, including memory segments and logical and physical memory sections.

AADL Model Behavior: Rapid-Prototype XOR Exactitude? by Brian Larson of MultiTude. On modeling and verifying temporal behavior of threads with BLESS.

Comparison of OAR, REAL, and OCL by Jerome Hugues of ISEA. OAR, REAL and OCL Two DSLs, one library for querying AADL models.

Code Generation Annex for AADL by Jerome Hugues of ISEA. The latest on the AADL Code Generation Annex.

Revision of Error Model Annex for AADL by Peter Feiler of SEI. The latest on the AADL Error Model Annex revision. For a draft of the document please contact Peter.

ASIIST Tutorial by Min Young Nam of UIUC. On ASIIST-IMA Partitioned System Analysis

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