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MASIW is an AADL-based toolset developed by ISPRAS in collaboration with GosNIIAS for Integrated Modular Avionics System Design and Integration.

The core part of the toolset (called MASIW Framework) is available under open source license from the project site. It includes:

  • Eclipse-based textual and graphical editors for AADL models;
  • checker for AADL legality and consistency rules;
  • checker of AADL models for compliance with constraints described as REAL theorems.

Complete MASIW solution for IMA designers includes proprietary analysis tools built on top of MASIW Framework. The additional tools support:

  • generation of schedule for ARINC-653 partitions customizable to handle specific middleware requirements;
  • analytical and simulation-based analysis of latencies and buffer sizes within AFDX networks;
  • automatic generation of configurations for ARINC-653 RTOSes (including VxWorks-653), AFDX network switches and end systems, middleware;
  • integration with ICD DB, a database-centric solutions for ICD management.

See MASIW Framework Tutorial for getting started with the toolset.

You can install the latest version of MASIW Framework from the following update site:

Source code of the MASIW Framework is available here:

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