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Automated Generation of Failure Modes and Effects Analyses from AADL Architectural and Error Models by Myron Hecht of Aerospace Corp.

Analyzing Requirements on an AADL Model with the REAL Constraint Language by Jerome Hugues at ISAE

Formal Analysis of Event Driven Systems Leveraging AADL by Serban Gheorghe of Edgewater Computer Systems Inc.

AADL Verification through FIACRE by Mamoun Filali of IRIT LAAS

The ARINC653 Annex by Julien DeLange at ESA (previously Telecom ParisTech).

Semantic Web Architecture for Model-based Safety Engineering by Vangelis Vassiliadis of Gnomon Informatics.

Cyber-physical Systems Annex for AADL by Tribid Mukherjee of Arizona State University

Requirements Definition and Verification Tool for AADL by Skander Turki at Lab-STICC UBS.

BLESS for Proof-based Analysis of Behavior by Brian Larson. BLESS is an compatible extension of the Behavior Annex for AADL. Brian also gave a demo and mini-tutorial of his proofing tool. A draft of the BLESS Annex is available here.

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