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Ocarina is an AADL toolsuite that generates code from AADL models. It runs on Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and Solaris. It's a standalone tool and must be used as a command-line program. However, Ocarina team provides an Eclipse plugin to use Ocarina inside a user graphical interface.

Stand-alone Ocarina

  • Name: Ocarina
  • Institution: ESA, ISAE
  • Homepage: http://www.openaadl.org
  • Language: Ada
  • Functionalities:
    • code-generation for C/POSIX, C/RTEMS, C/Xenomai, C/Windows, C/ARINC653 (POK),
    • model analysis (scheduling analysis, REAL),
    • model verification (using Petri Nets)
  • Contact: see OpenAADL.org.

Ocarina in TASTE

Ocarina and REAL plugin for OSATE 2

An OSATE2 plugin for Ocarina and for the REAL constraint language is now available thanks to Jerome Hugues and Phil Alldredge.

Find more details here: [Ocarina/REAL Plugin].

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