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Meeting Agenda by Bruce Lewis

AADL News and Issues by Bruce Lewis

Day 1: Monday Oct 18

Avionics Reference Architecture & IMA Modeling by Julien Delange of ESA. On modeling and validation of a partition-based reference architecture for avionics and tsking it to space systems.

The TASTE MBE Development Toolchain - update & case studies by Julien Delange of ESA. The toolchain builds on the ASSERT work and is available at TASTE Toolchain

The ASIIST Tool and ARINC653 Partition Change Impact Analysis by Min Young Nam of UIUC.

Behavior Annex Integration into Ellidiss Tools by Pierre Dissaux of ELlidiss.

Making DARPA META Goals Come True How do we Revolutionize Verification of Validation for Complex Systems? by Kirstie Bellman of Aerospace Corp.

Day 2: Tuesday Oct 19

Update on Behavior Language for Embedded Systems with Software for Proof Based Analysis of Behavior by Brian Larson of Multitude Corporation. Predicates and proof obligation extensions to AADL compatible with the Behavior Annex and the application of a poof engine for a medic al device example including timeout properties.

AADL Formal Analysis in Maude, PALS, and Synchronous AADL by Jose Meseguer of UIUC. The presentation discusses the formal analysis of AADL models with Behavior Annex specifications through translation into Maude, the concept of Physically Asynchronous Logically Synchronous (PALS) systems and their correctness, and the proposal for a Synchronous System Annex for AADL. Two papers as background:

Day 3: Wednesday Oct 20

Proposal of an AADL Requirements Annex by Dominique Blouin of UBS Lab-STICC. A related paper for background: On a Constraint Notation for AADL Models by Dries Langsweirdt of K.U. Klueven.

Consistency of Virtual Integration Models by Dio DeNiz on the use of an equation annex to validate consistency of several analysis perspectives.

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