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WARNING: Outdated content

The content on this page is outdated and may be no longer relevant. We are in the process of creating a web site with updated information about OSATE at http://osate.org


Osate 2 is an open-source tool platform to support AADL v2. In January 2012 correction to a number of errata to AADL v2 have been approved. These revisions, referred to as AADL v2.1, are supported by OSATE 2 and are summarized in AS5506B.

This tool intends both end users and tool developers. For the formers, it provides a complete textual editor for AADL and a set of simple analysis tools. For the laters, it provides a full support for the AADL meta-model on an Eclipse platform.

Getting OSATE

See Download and Install OSATE2 for more information.

Graphical Editor

A graphical editor is available in OSATE. A video presentation is available on http://www.aadl.info/aadl/currentsite//documents/20140327-osate-ge-presentation.wmv


The core

The core consists in supporting the language in Eclipse. It relies on EMF, UML2 and XText. By itself, the core provides the fundamentals to use the basics of AADL (textual and hierarchical editor, instantiation of the model) and build OSATE2 plug-ins. The sources are available on github, see https://github.com/osate/osate2-core.

Official Plug-ins

The official plug-ins are part of the OSATE2 releases and included in update site. Their source is available on github (see https://github.com/osate/osate2-plugins). Actually, we support the following plug-ins:

External Plug-ins

Using OSATE2

There are different ways to use OSATE:

  1. Eclipse plugin: you can use OSATE2 either by using the Eclipse graphical framework
  2. As a standalone Java application (also called command-line): the following page

Also, you might be interested by our list of OSATE 2 tips & tricks.

OSATE2 Sources/Developer area

Osate 2 sources are hosted on a Git repository. Useful links:

The following pages are dedicated to people that intend to contribute to Osate 2 or develop specific tools on top of it.

For information on plug-in development under OSATE 2 please see OSATE 2 Plug-ins.

For information about API changes see please see OSATE V2 Plugin Development

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