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Fault-Tree Analysis

A Fault-Tree Analysis can be generated from the AADL model. As most tools are proprietary, OSATE generates an XML, tool-agnostic file that can be easily processed to generate tool-dependent representation. The structure of the file

The structure of the file consists in several event HTML elements with several attributes to choose the associated representation in the FTA. An event XML element nay have the following attributes:

  • id (mandatory): unique identifier of the fault
  • type (optional): can be an and or or, detailing the dependencies with the other faults
  • description (optional): description of the fault
  • probability (optional): probability of occurrence
  <event id="failure" type="or"
         description="Catastrophic failure">
     <event id="unannunciated_brake_loss"
            description="Loss of both annunciation capabilities and brakes">
        <event id="all_wb_loss"
               description="we loss all wheel braking"
        <event id="annunciation_loss"
               description="we loss all capability to announce anything to the crew"
        <event id="unannunciated_asym_brake"
               description="Unannunciated asymmetrical braking">
           <event id="annunciation_loss"/>
           <event id="asymmetrical_braking"
                  description="Braking of only the left weels or the right weels">
           <event id="left_braking"
                  description="Braking of only the left weel"/>
           <event id="right_braking"
                  description="Braking of only the right weel"/>

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