Performance Improvement of OSATE 2

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Metrics with Display System Model

OSATE is tested by instantiating a system containing :

  • 165 end-to-end flow instances
  • 5 processors
  • 20 buses
  • 90 threads
  • 13 processes

The model itself is disseminated in 10 different files. We first measure the instantiation time in the same machine. To do so, we use the CPU profile of the JVM monitor software and catch the call in the package org.osate.aadl2.instantiation

Instantiation time

To have a measure on the instantiation time, we use the following protocol:

  • Use the GIT current develop version
  • Trace the package org.osate.aadl2.instantiation
  • CPU profiler set to sampling mode, 50ms period
  • Instantiate the model 5 times, the instance file produced being deleted between each step

The following table report the value for the complete 5 times instantiation.

02/01/2013 03/01/2013 04/01/2013
Instantiation time 78074 ms XXX ms XXX ms
Heap size about 400 Mb XXX ms XXX ms
Loaded Class Count More than 16000 XXX ms XXX ms
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