Release notes of OSATE2 2.1.1

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Major changes

  1. OSATE now requires Java 8
  2. Automatically add "end" when typing in the text editor, see preference Window -> Preferences -> OSATE Preferences -> Aadl2 Text Editor to control this behavior
  3. New text editor command to organize with clauses
  4. The Plugin_Resources project has subdirectories to organize property sets - existing workspaces should be updated automatically (If there is a problem, try to re-create the project using the context menu in the AADL Navigator: "Reset/create all Predeclared and Annex Properties")
  5. The AADL Property View supports editing of property associations declared in the classifier's properties section if the applies to contains a single name ("local contained")
  6. The AADL Property View works properly when the instance model editor is open
  7. Default values can be hidden in the AADL Property View
  8. It is now possible to navigate from the instance model property to the corresponding property Association in the declarative model
  9. The instance model editor now properly reloads the model if it is instantiated again
  10. The instance model editor shows error markers
  11. Updated to Agree version 2.0.0
  12. Removed obsolete Lute and ARINC653 plugins from the distribution

Known Issues

  1. Using the AADL Property View to edit property values results in bad formatting

Fixed Issues

The full lists of closed issues for this release are available at

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