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Osate 2 sources are hosted in a Git repository on site This site also offers a mechanism to report bugs.


Reporting a bug requires an identification. To report a bug

Problems and Issues

Each OSATE project (core, plugins, Error-Model Annex, etc.) has its own issue tracker. There are the list of the issue tracker:

Submitting a good bug report

Please read the following to report a good bug report:

Submitting a bug report

When submitting a bug report, the more information you can provide, the best. Likely, there is a list of useful information that you might include when submitting a bug report, but please provide as much as possible:

  • Example of a model to reproduce the bug. Please send a complete OSATE project that includes the properties you are using (other than the core standard properties). To share model and/or code, you can use gist at
  • Do you use OSATE as a product of Eclipse plug-in ?
  • If you use the OSATE product, do you use the testing or the stable version ?
  • If you use the development version, do you use the stable or develop branch ?
  • Which operating system are you using (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) ?
  • Which version of OSATE are you using ?

Get a error trace

When you want to send a error trace, you need to get the Eclipse log. To do so, follow these instructions:

  1. In Eclipse, go in Help and then, About Eclipse or About OSATE
  2. Click on installation details, a new winwod would appear
  3. Click on the tab Configuration. The text for the configuration might be useful also when submitting a bug report
  4. Click on "View Error Log". A new Window containing a full error log would appear. You can then copy/paste the text when reporting a bug
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