Sept 2014 User Day

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The AADL Meeting was held jointly with the MODELS 2014 Conference. We hosted the 1st International Architecture-centric Virtual Integation (ACVI) Workshop at the conference.

AADL News and Issues by Bruce Lewis

ACVI Workshop by Julien Delange & Peter Feiler

TASTE Overview by Pierre Dissaux

TASTE Overview by Pierre Dissaux

CVL Overview by Øystein Haugen

CVL User Guide by Øystein Haugen

Networking Annex by Alexey Khoroshilov

AADL V2.1 Errata by Peter Feiler

AADL Interfaces and Views by Peter Feiler

AADL V3 Roadmap by by Peter Feiler

Ballot 1 Feedback by by Peter Feiler

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