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Stood is a modeling tool that comes with two predefined user configurations:

  • Stood for AADL: generates an AADL textual declarative model from a full top-down graphical representation of the system instance model. Stood for AADL is connected to AADL Inspector for further model analysis. AADL Inspector is automatically opened at the end of the AADL code generation.
  • Stood for HOOD: generates Ada, C and C++ code from from HOOD designs. An automatic gateway between AADL process components created with Stood for AADL and HOOD designs is provided.

Both configurations offer a common set of advanced engineering features:

  • Requirements traceability and coverage analysis
  • Incremental project documentation and muli-format generator
  • Project management and multi-user capabilities

Stood can be downloaded from here

Stood online tutorials can be found here

Stood detailed technical description can be found here

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