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Retrieve OSATE2 in Eclipse with GIT

First of all, you shall retrieve the latest sources of OSATE2 following the develop branch. To proceed, please follow the instructions on the following pages"

Steps to produce a patch

  1. Change the sources according to your needs
  2. Add files to the local branch and commit your changes on your local repository
  3. Open the GIT eclipse perspective and the history view, you see your commit
  4. Right-click on your commit and select the "Creat Patch" menu entry
  5. Export the patch into a file

Submitting several patches at the same time

If case you have several commits to submit, please send a the list of the commit. However, to apply the commits in the order you made them, please add a prefix with the number of the commit in the history. For example, if you have two commits to submit, please send the commits with the files named like this :

  1. 01-first-commit-to-apply.patch
  2. 02-other-commit-to-apply-after-the-first.patch
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