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This page explains how to update a local copy of the Osate 2 sources with the last changes of the Git repository. It supposes that the sources of Osate 2 have been downloaded from the Git repository, as explained in page Getting Osate 2 sources.

You can go to https://github.com/osate/osate2-core to find out what commits have occurred recently. You can do so under the Commit tab.

You can also sign up there to Watch the osate2-core repository.


You will invoke commands under the Team menu of the context menu in the package explorer.

  • One step method:
    • You can bring your local copy of Osate up to date by invoking the Pull command. It will retrieve the latest changes from the Github repository and merge them into your local branch, e.g., the develop branch. This works well if you did not make local changes.
  • Two step method:
    • You can perform a Fetch from Upstream. This will update the Remote tracking copy of the (develop) branch, but not update you local branch yet.
    • You can then optionally invoke Compare with in the context menu to compare your local branch with the Remote tracking branch you just updated.
    • Finally you invoke Merge in the Team menu to bring the updates from the remote tracking branch into your local branch. The dialog box lets you select the branch to merge the changes from. Select the desired branch from the Remote tracking branches.
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