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AADL Related Tool Development by the Community

AADL Tools Summary Paper

Tool Integration with AADL: a paper summarizing tool integration activities regarding AADL and OSATE.

Please, check AADL User Days for the latest reports on tools by the AADL community.

Commercial AADL Tool Support

  • STOOD: by Ellidiss. A development tool for safety-critical software systems that provides graphical editors for HOOD and AADL.
  • AADL Inspector: by Ellidiss. A modular model processing framework for AADL and the Behavior Annex. Version 1.4 includes:
    • Static rules checkers (AADL standard Naming, Legality and Consistency rules)
    • Schedulability analysis with Cheddar v3
    • Dynamic simulator with Marzhin
    • Customizable plugins and command line options for an easy integration within industrial development environments
  • CAMET: By Adventium Labs. By Adventium Labs. A library of advanced AADL modeling and analysis tools.
    • FASTAR(TM): Framework of tools for schedulability, timing, and resource utilization analysis.
    • Rapid Prototyping for ARINC 653: Rapid Prototyping for ARINC 653: Analysis tool to generate schedules and output configuration data in a real-time operating system (RTOS)-specific format.
    • MILS Analysis: Checks an AADL model for compliance with the multiple independent levels of security (MILS) approach.
    • Tradeoff Analysis: Evaluate design alternatives and tradeoffs by comparing the implications of different AADL system implementations.
    • Continuous Model Integration: A framework for running continuous model integration and analysis with customizable reports.
    • Distributed Risk Management (coming soon): Analysis tools for risk analysis leveraging system theoretic process analysis (STPA).

AADL and OSATE based Tool Chains

  • Telecom ParisTech AADL Corner has the Behavior Annex Frontend for OSATE2, RAMSES Model Transformation support for OSATE 2,
  • TASTE: European Space Agency. Successor project to ASSERT. The website includes a download of the TASTE toolchain. This project is the outcome of the European ASSERT project.
  • COMPASS: Correctness, Modeling and Performance of Aerospace Systems COMPASS project and tool chain.
  • EDICT Tool set: The EDICT Tool Suite is composed of EDICT-Core tools and a set of domain extensions for system error handling and dependability analysis, system security analysis and system safety analysis for the placement of on-line error detection and toleration mechanisms to mitigate safety concerns. The EDICT Tools leverage open standard modeling languages (AADL) and deployment platforms (Eclipse) in order to provide an interoperable, flexible and extensible tool suite.
  • TOPCASED: Airbus et.al. An open source tool environment including a graphical editor generator. www.topcased.org
  • Cheddar: U. Brest. A resource scheduling analysis tool. [1]
  • ACTIVE (Analysis contraCT Integration VErifier) by ISR CMU is a tool and OSATE2 plugin for integrating AADL analyses through contracts written in a dedicated annex.
  • Adele: by Ellidiss Software. Pierre Dissaux. A graphical editor for AADL V2 in OSATE2.
  • ADeS: Axlog Ingénierie. An AADL simulation tool based on OSATE. [2]
  • ASIIST: UIUC. A tool for analyzing performance in detailed hardware architectures.
  • AADL-BA-FrontEnd: TELECOM ParisTech. An editor for AADL V2 behavior specifications. Part of OSATE 2.2.1 release.
  • BLESS: Behavior Language for Embedded Systems with Software; an extension to AADL Behavior Annex supporting assertion and a proof tool that transforms behaviors annotated with assertions to be proof outlines into formal proofs. See BLESS for documentation, examples and the plugin to OSATE.
  • AADL & BIP: by Verimag. A plug-in to interface AADL models with their Behavior Interaction theory (BIP). Example models.
  • Maude and AADL: by U. Leicester. MOMENT2-AADL is an extension of MOMENT2 that enables representation of AADL models as terms in Maude, and thereby it enhances the application of Maude-based formal analysis techniques to AADL specifications.
  • Power Consumption Analysis Toolboxby Lab-STICC, developed under SPICES. Integrated with AADL OSATE.
  • RDALTE: Requirements Modeling and validation Tool for AADL: by UBS/Lab-STICC. Supports the draft Requirements Definition and Analysis Language Annex for AADL. See also April 2011 Presentation
  • RT-Edge: Environment for Embedded System development and verification. See presentations by Serban Gheorghe at AADL User Days over the last year (search for Serban in the search bar on the left). June 2011 presentation.
  • RC META: Eclipse-based tools for translation, transformation, and verification of system design models. It includes a SysML to AADL translator as well as a constraint language LUTE, a close cousin to Telecom ParisTech's REAL.
  • AGREE: The Assume Guarantee REasoning Environment (AGREE) is a compositional, assume-guarantee-style model checker for AADL models developed by Rockwell Collins and University of Minnesota. Part of OSATE 2.2.1 release.
  • Resolute: Resolute is a language and tool for developing architectural assurance cases in AADL.Part of OSATE 2.2.1 release.
  • MASIW: a Modular Avionics Systems Integrator Workplace framework for development and analysis of AADL models.

Feel free to update this page with information about your AADL related tool activity.

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