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NOTE: This is an AADL community Wiki. You are welcome to contribute to its content. If you need an account please contact Lutz Wrage or Peter Feiler {lwrage, phf} at


General-purpose documentation

Conferences and Publications

Tools and Training Materials

  • AADL tools for the community to place information about their tool development activities.
  • Model Examples and Analyses provides a list of example models and tutorials on different analyses. A good place to get started.
  • AADL in Education Pointer to material for class room use and self learning
  • AADL Tutorials With Potential handouts and/or videos

AADL standardization committee

  • AADL meetings: list of incoming AADL meeting with attendance information
  • AADL remote meetings
  • AADL User Days: this area contains presentations that have been given at AADL User Days held in conjunction with the AADL Standard Subcommittee meetings.


The book Model-Based Engineering with AADL: An Introduction to the SAE Architecture Analysis & Design Language by Peter Feiler and David Gluch is available as part of the SEI Series by Addison Wesley.



Due to vandalism we had to disable self-registration for new users. If you would like to edit the content of this Wiki, please send an email to phf at or lwrage at We'll create an account for you.

Please see documentation on customizing the interface and the User's Guide for usage and configuration help.

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