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The SEI CERT Coding Standards wiki documents which analysis tools detect violations of which rules/recs. To edit or add to this information, follow these guidelines.

Adding a Tool Page

First, you should create an empty page for the tool of interest under the "Analyzers" section of the backmatter, in each appropriate language space. It may be the case that a page already exists for the tool, in which case you can skip this step.  Below are links to the "Analyzers" sections for each space.


Additionally, a "version" page should be created alongside the tool page.  This page is titled ToolName_V, should be populated with the version number of the tool. For example, GCC_V documents the version of the GCC compiler. This version page is not automatically generated. You are responsible for entering the version information into this page.

Editing Automated Detection Tables

Each rule/rec page has an Automated Detection (AD) section, describing which tools can detect violations of the rule/rec. This section contains a table. Each row of the table contains information for a specific version of a tool. A row in the AD table has the following format.