Title: Splint_V  
Author: Robert Seacord (Manager) Jun 24, 2010
Last Changed by: Carol J. Lallier Sep 17, 2013
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SEI CERT C Coding Standard (24)
    Page: EXP35-C. Do not modify objects with temporary lifetime
    Page: EXP30-C. Do not depend on the order of evaluation for side effects
    Page: MEM31-C. Free dynamically allocated memory when no longer needed
    Page: STR31-C. Guarantee that storage for strings has sufficient space for character data and the null terminator
    Page: INT07-C. Use only explicitly signed or unsigned char type for numeric values
    Page: STR11-C. Do not specify the bound of a character array initialized with a string literal
    Page: ARR01-C. Do not apply the sizeof operator to a pointer when taking the size of an array
    Page: DCL15-C. Declare file-scope objects or functions that do not need external linkage as static
    Page: SIG30-C. Call only asynchronous-safe functions within signal handlers
    Page: INT01-C. Use rsize_t or size_t for all integer values representing the size of an object
    Page: INT13-C. Use bitwise operators only on unsigned operands
    Page: EXP12-C. Do not ignore values returned by functions
    Page: MSC12-C. Detect and remove code that has no effect or is never executed
    Page: MEM30-C. Do not access freed memory
    Page: FLP06-C. Convert integers to floating point for floating-point operations
    Page: EXP34-C. Do not dereference null pointers
    Page: DCL01-C. Do not reuse variable names in subscopes
    Page: MSC07-C. Detect and remove dead code
    Page: Splint
    Page: DCL36-C. Do not declare an identifier with conflicting linkage classifications
    Page: STR30-C. Do not attempt to modify string literals
    Page: DCL30-C. Declare objects with appropriate storage durations
    Page: FIO30-C. Exclude user input from format strings
    Page: ARR38-C. Guarantee that library functions do not form invalid pointers
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    Page: EE. Analyzers
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