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-Wimplicit-int DCL31-C. Declare identifiers before using them
-Wincompatible-pointer-types STR38-C. Do not confuse narrow and wide character strings and functions
-Wincompatible-pointer-types-discards-qualifiers EXP32-C. Do not access a volatile object through a nonvolatile reference
-Wint-conversion INT36-C. Converting a pointer to integer or integer to pointer
-Wint-to-pointer-cast INT36-C. Converting a pointer to integer or integer to pointer
-Wparentheses EXP45-C. Do not perform assignments in selection statements
-Wsometimes-uninitialized DCL41-C. Do not declare variables inside a switch statement before the first case label
-Wunevaluated-expression EXP44-C. Do not rely on side effects in operands to sizeof, _Alignof, or _Generic
-Wunsequenced EXP30-C. Do not depend on the order of evaluation for side effects
-Wvarargs EXP47-C. Do not call va_arg with an argument of the incorrect type
cert-env33-c ENV33-C. Do not call system()
cert-err34-c ERR34-C. Detect errors when converting a string to a number
cert-flp30-c FLP30-C. Do not use floating-point variables as loop counters
cert-msc30-c MSC30-C. Do not use the rand() function for generating pseudorandom numbers
clang-analyzer-unix.Malloc MEM34-C. Only free memory allocated dynamically
misc-non-copyable-objects FIO38-C. Do not copy a FILE object
misc-static-assert DCL03-C. Use a static assertion to test the value of a constant expression