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Scope and summary

This wiki describes the architecture of the Java Adventure Builder Reference application, which is part of the BluePrints program by Sun Microsystems. The Adventure Builder is an e-commerce application that sells adventure packages for vacationers over the Internet. It uses web services to interact with external suppliers such as banks, airlines, hotels and adventure providers.

The architecture described here was reconstructed from the implementation artifacts of the Adventure Builder, but we made some changes to make the architecture documentation and the system itself look more interesting for our purpose (to provide an example of software architecture documentation).

How the documentation is organized

This architecture document is organized into the following sections:

  • Documentation Roadmap: provides information about this document and its intended audience. It provides the roadmap and document overview.
  • How a View is Documented: describes how to use the template for an architecture view.
  • System Overview: provides a brief description of the Adventure Builder application, its functional and quality attribute requirements.
  • Views: several architecture views are described, each in a separate wiki page. Each view describe a different structure of the system. There are module views, component & connector (C&C) views, and allocation views. The architecture views are the most important part of the document. More general information about the views can be found down below in the View overview section.
  • Mapping Between Views: specify how elements in one view map to elements in another view for a few selected pairs of views.
  • Rationale: provides information about the software architecture. It describes the background and rationale for the software architecture. It explains the constraints and influences that led to the current architecture, and it describes the major architectural approaches that have been utilized in the architecture.
  • Directory: contains a glossary of technical terms and acronyms used in the documentation that may not be familiar to all readers. It also contains a list of referenced materials.

Places where the documentation is not complete are marked with "TODO" or "TODO: <description of what's missing>". If a section is marked as "N/A", it means the contents of that particular section are deemed not applicable or not necessary.

How to update this architecture document

Just click "edit" on the top of any page (sign in required). You can also click the discussion link to enter comments or questions that do not become part of the main documentation page, but are visible to the readers.
For easy navigation, the table of contents of the entire architecture document with links can be made available on the right hand side of any page simply by adding the following line at the beginning of the page:


View overview


How stakeholders can use the documentation


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