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NOTE: This is a System of Systems Practices (SoSP) community Wiki. This entire site is under construction, so don't be surprised if things look different every time you log in. Registered users are welcome to contribute to the content; if you need an account please contact Jim Smith (jds at

The SoSP Wiki is organized into two major areas:

  • SoSP Governance and Acquisition Workshop: Primary workspace for participants in the 15-16 April 2010 workshop (rescheduled from 11-12 February 2010). Includes workshop "read ahead" presentations, discussions, etc.

To prevent vandalism, we have disabled self-registration for new users. If you would like to contribute content to--or edit--this Wiki, please send an email to jds at We'll create an account for you.

Please see Configuration settings list and the User's Guide for usage and configuration help.

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