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Presentations at the Feb 2010 User Day in Tokyo

  • Validation of a Dual Flight Guidance System with AADL by Peter Feiler (SEI) discusses the concept of incremental end-to-end validation of distributed dual redundancy logic and the impact of design changes in terms of new hazards and invalidation of reliability models. The example was originally validated by S. Miller of Rockwell Collins by model checking a Simulink representation via nuSMV, and later extended by D. DeNiz by model checking an AADL representation.
  • An Update on ElliDiss Support for AADL by Pierre Dissaux (ElliDiss) highlighting their STOOD capabilities for AADL, their work the new AADL graphical editor Adele, and their involvement in the ESA TASTE effort.
  • Integrating the Development of Systems using AADL and Simulink (public presentation to come) by Y. Yokojima (Emmeskay) on a toolset that supports modeling of architectures in a combination of Simulink and AADL. The source may be Simulink with extraction of AADL, effectively using Simulink block modeling as AADL front-end. Both complete Simulink system simulation and auto-code generation via Ocarina are supported. See also [AADL and Simulink]
  • Modeling the Mission Data System Reference Architecture in AADL by Peter Feiler (SEI) illustrating the use of AADL in modeling the multi-layered control and data collection system reference architecture for unmanned systems, its instantiation for specific mission systems, and its analysis. See last slide for references to papers.
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