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AADL Related Tool Development by the Community

  • OSATE 2' Releases of OSATE 2 for AADL V2.2.

Check out the Feb 2019 AADL Tool Expo at AADL Tool Expo

AADL Tools Summary Paper

Tool Integration with AADL: a paper summarizing tool integration activities regarding AADL and OSATE.

Please, check AADL User Days for the latest reports on tools by the AADL community.

Commercial AADL Tool Support

  • EDICT Tool Suite by WW Technology Group: The EDICT Tool Suite is a powerful graphical modeling and analysis tool. It includes system error handling and dependability analysis, system security analysis and system safety analysis for the placement of on-line error detection and toleration mechanisms to mitigate safety concerns. The EDICT Tools leverage open-standard modeling languages (AADL) and deployment platforms (Eclipse) to provide an interoperable, flexible and extensible tool suite.
  • STOOD: by Ellidiss. A development tool for safety-critical software systems that provides graphical editors for HOOD and AADL.
  • AADL Inspector: by Ellidiss. A modular model processing framework for AADL and the Behavior Annex. Version 1.4 includes:
    • Static rules checkers (AADL standard Naming, Legality and Consistency rules)
    • Schedulability analysis with Cheddar v3
    • Dynamic simulator with Marzhin
    • Customizable plugins and command line options for an easy integration within industrial development environments
  • CAMET: By Adventium Labs. By Adventium Labs. A library of advanced AADL modeling and analysis tools.
    • FASTAR(TM): Framework of tools for schedulability, timing, and resource utilization analysis.
    • Rapid Prototyping for ARINC 653: Rapid Prototyping for ARINC 653: Analysis tool to generate schedules and output configuration data in a real-time operating system (RTOS)-specific format.
    • MILS Analysis: Checks an AADL model for compliance with the multiple independent levels of security (MILS) approach.
    • Tradeoff Analysis: Evaluate design alternatives and tradeoffs by comparing the implications of different AADL system implementations.
    • Continuous Model Integration: A framework for running continuous model integration and analysis with customizable reports.
    • Distributed Risk Management (coming soon): Analysis tools for risk analysis leveraging system theoretic process analysis (STPA).

Other AADL Tools

  • Ocarina a command-line tool for AADL analysis and code generator.
  • Telecom ParisTech AADL Corner has the Behavior Annex Frontend for OSATE2, RAMSES Model Transformation support for OSATE 2,
  • TASTE: European Space Agency. Successor project to ASSERT. The website includes a download of the TASTE toolchain. This project is the outcome of the European ASSERT project.
  • COMPASS: Correctness, Modeling and Performance of Aerospace Systems COMPASS project and tool chain.
  • Cheddar: U. Brest. A resource scheduling analysis tool. [1]
  • ACTIVE (Analysis contraCT Integration VErifier) by ISR CMU is a tool and OSATE2 plugin for integrating AADL analyses through contracts written in a dedicated annex.
  • Adele: by Ellidiss Software. Pierre Dissaux. A graphical editor for AADL V2 in OSATE2.
  • BLESS: Behavior Language for Embedded Systems with Software; an extension to AADL Behavior Annex supporting assertion and a proof tool that transforms behaviors annotated with assertions to be proof outlines into formal proofs. See BLESS for documentation, examples and the plugin to OSATE.
  • AADL & BIP: by Verimag. A plug-in to interface AADL models with their Behavior Interaction theory (BIP). Example models.
  • AGREE: The Assume Guarantee REasoning Environment (AGREE) is a compositional, assume-guarantee-style model checker for AADL models developed by Rockwell Collins and University of Minnesota.
  • Resolute: Resolute is a language and tool for developing architectural assurance cases in AADL.
  • MASIW: a Modular Avionics Systems Integrator Workplace framework for development and analysis of AADL models.

Feel free to update this page with information about your AADL related tool activity.

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