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Comment: explained how to get SARD-style and Juliet-style versions of code and manifest


The filepaths for type-2 (False) are different from the filepaths for type-1 (True), for the same files. The type-1 filepath is taken from the Juliet test suite's manifest XML file obtained from the SARD site ( by downloading the SARD-type manifest, The type-2 filepath is taken from the filepath starting at the "testcases" directory from the source code in the Juliet test suite obtained the Juliet-standalone-test-suite way. To explain: the key to getting the different versions (Juliet-standalone-test-suite or SARD-type) of sourcecode and manifest is how you download (from the same webpage!) from here:

  • to download the SARD-type manifest and code, click on the icon for "manifest" in the "SARD Suites" section of the webpage, which is below the "Standalone Suites" section.
  • to download the Juliet-standalone-test-suite type of manifest and code, get it in the "Standalone Suites" section at the top of the page