Adding a Standard Page

First, you should create a page for the standard of interest under the "Related Guidelines" section of the back matter, in each appropriate language space.  (If you are creating a new rule, see the "Adding a New Rule" section of the Guidelines for Wiki Contributors page. This section includes instructions for using a wiki template to create new Android-related rules.) the It may be the case that a page already exists for the standard, in which case you can skip this step.  Below are links to the "Related Guidelines" sections for each space.

The page should be titled with the name of the standard.  The page will be automatically populated with the information that you provide on individual rule/rec pages. You do not need to add any content to it.

Editing Related Guideline Tables

Each rule/rec page has a "Related Guidelines" section, enumerating related CERT Secure Coding rules as well as related guidelines from other standards. This section contains a table.  Each row of this table contains information for a particular standard. A row in this table has the following format.

Name of the Standard

Guideline Name 1

Guideline Name 2

Guideline Name 3


The wiki page for each standard is updated, by request, with the aggregated data from these individual tables.  This aggregation process is automatic. In order for the process to pick up your changes, you should adhere to certain guidelines when entering data into the related guidelines table.

  • The name column contains the name of the standard, e.g. MITRE CWE.  This name must be the same wherever it appears, and must be the same as the title of the wiki page for the standard.
  • Each guideline name should appear on a separate line in the guideline column.  You may embed a link in the guideline name to an appropriate online resource.

Note that, historically, this table has not had a header row, and you are not required to add one.