This standard was made possible through a broad community effort. We thank all those who contributed and provided reviews that helped to make the standard a success. If you are interested in contributing to CERT Secure Coding rules, create an account on the wiki and then request contributor privileges by sending email to

Contributors to the 2017 Edition of the Standard

Aaron Ballman, Peter Brockamp, G. Ann Campbell, Bill Claycomb, Ingo Elsen, Loic Etienne, Leo Heinsaar, Luc Hermitte, David Keaton, Larry, Gerhard Muenz, Malcolm Parsons, Max Raff, Robert Schiela, Robert Seacord, Martin Sebor, Sandy Shrum, Will Snavely, David Svoboda, Mark J. Tilford, Andrew Wesie, and Barbara White

The SEI CERT Secure Coding Team

Lori Flynn, Will Klieber, Robert Schiela, and David Svoboda

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