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Related Guidelines

DCL30-CDangling References to Stack Frames [DCM]
DCL31-CSubprogram Signature Mismatch [OTR]
EXP30-COperator Precedence/Order of Evaluation [JCW]
EXP30-CSide-effects and Order of Evaluation [SAM]
EXP32-CPointer Casting and Pointer Type Changes [HFC]
EXP32-CType System [IHN]
EXP33-CInitialization of Variables [LAV]
EXP34-CPointer Casting and Pointer Type Changes [HFC]
EXP34-CNull Pointer Dereference [XYH]
EXP35-CDangling References to Stack Frames [DCM]
EXP35-CSide-effects and Order of Evaluation [SAM]
EXP36-CPointer Casting and Pointer Type Changes [HFC]
EXP37-CSubprogram Signature Mismatch [OTR]
EXP43-CPassing Parameters and Return Values [CSJ]
EXP45-CLikely Incorrect Expression [KOA]
EXP46-CLikely Incorrect Expression [KOA]
INT30-CArithmetic Wrap-Around Error [FIF]
INT31-CNumeric Conversion Errors [FLC]
INT32-CArithmetic Wrap-Around Error [FIF]
INT34-CArithmetic Wrap-Around Error [FIF]
INT36-CPointer Casting and Pointer Type Changes [HFC]
FLP30-CFloating-Point Arithmetic [PLF]
FLP34-CNumeric Conversion Errors [FLC]
ARR30-CArithmetic Wrap-Around Error [FIF]
ARR30-CUnchecked Array Indexing [XYZ]
ARR32-CUnchecked Array Indexing [XYZ]
ARR38-CBuffer Boundary Violation (Buffer Overflow) [HCB]
ARR38-CUnchecked Array Copying [XYW]
ARR39-CPointer Casting and Pointer Type Changes [HFC]
ARR39-CPointer Arithmetic [RVG]
STR31-CString Termination [CJM]
STR31-CBuffer Boundary Violation (Buffer Overflow) [HCB]
STR31-CUnchecked Array Copying [XYW]
STR32-CString Termination [CMJ]
MEM30-CDangling References to Stack Frames [DCM]
MEM30-CDangling Reference to Heap [XYK]
MEM31-CMemory Leak [XYL]
MEM35-CBuffer Boundary Violation (Buffer Overflow) [HCB]
FIO30-CInjection [RST]
ENV32-CStructured Programming [EWD]
ENV32-CTermination Strategy [REU]
ENV33-CUnquoted Search Path or Element [XZQ]
POS36-CPrivilege Sandbox Issues [XYO]
POS37-CPrivilege Sandbox Issues [XYO]
API07-CString Termination [CJM]
DCL02-CChoice of Clear Names [NAI]
DCL07-CType System [IHN]
DCL07-CSubprogram Signature Mismatch [OTR]
DCL09-CIgnored Error Status and Unhandled Exceptions [OYB]
DCL10-CSubprogram Signature Mismatch [OTR]
DCL11-CType System [IHN]
DCL11-CSubprogram Signature Mismatch [OTR]
DCL13-CPassing Parameters and Return Values [CSJ]
DCL23-CChoice of Clear Names [NAI]
DCL23-CIdentifier Name Reuse [YOW]
ENV02-CExecuting or Loading Untrusted Code [XYS]
ENV03-CExecuting or Loading Untrusted Code [XYS]
ERR00-CTermination Strategy [REU]
ERR04-CTermination Strategy [REU]
ERR06-CTermination Strategy [REU]
EXP00-COperator Precedence/Order of Evaluation [JCW]
EXP05-CPointer Casting and Pointer Type Changes [HFC]
EXP05-CType System [IHN]
EXP08-CPointer Casting and Pointer Type Changes [HFC]
EXP08-CPointer Arithmetic [RVG]
EXP10-COperator Precedence/Order of Evaluation [JCW]
EXP10-CSide-effects and Order of Evaluation [SAM]
EXP11-CBit Representations [STR]
EXP12-CPassing Parameters and Return Values [CSJ]
EXP15-CLikely Incorrect Expression [KOA]
EXP16-CLikely incorrect expressions [KOA]
FIO02-CPath Traversal [EWR]
FIO05-CPath Traversal [EWR]
FIO06-CMissing or Inconsistent Access Control [XZN]
FIO21-CPath Traversal [EWR]
FLP00-CFloating-point Arithmetic [PLF]
FLP01-CFloating-point Arithmetic [PLF]
FLP02-CFloating-point Arithmetic [PLF]
INT00-CBit Representations [STR]
INT02-CNumeric Conversion Errors [FLC]
INT07-CBit Representations [STR]
INT08-CNumeric Conversion Errors [FLC]
INT09-CEnumerator Issues [CCB]
INT12-CBit Representations [STR]
INT13-CBit Representations [STR]
INT13-CArithmetic Wrap-around Error [FIF]
INT13-CSign Extension Error [XZI]
INT14-CBit Representations [STR]
INT18-CNumeric Conversion Errors [FLC]
MEM00-CMemory Leak [XYL]
MEM01-CDangling References to Stack Frames [DCM]
MEM01-CDangling Reference to Heap [XYK]
MEM01-COff-by-one Error [XZH]
MEM03-CSensitive Information Uncleared Before Use [XZK]
MEM05-CRecursion [GDL]
MEM06-CMemory Locking [XZX]
MSC01-CSwitch Statements and Static Analysis [CLL]
MSC07-CUnspecified functionality [BVQ]
MSC07-CDead and deactivated code [XYQ]
MSC12-CUnspecified Functionality [BVQ]
MSC12-CLikely Incorrect Expressions [KOA]
MSC12-CDead and Deactivated Code [XYQ]
MSC13-CLikely Incorrect Expressions [KOA]
MSC13-CDead and Deactivated Code [XYQ]
MSC13-CUnused Variable [XYR]
MSC14-CUnspecified Behaviour [BQF]
MSC15-CUnspecified Behaviour [BQF]
MSC15-CUndefined Behaviour [EWF]
MSC15-CImplementation-Defined Behaviour [FAB]
MSC24-CUse of Libraries [TRJ]
POS02-CAdherence to Least Privilege [XYN]
PRE00-CPre-processor Directives [NMP]
PRE01-COperator Precedence/Order of Evaluation [JCW]
PRE01-CPre-processor Directives [NMP]
PRE02-COperator Precedence/Order of Evaluation [JCW]
PRE02-CPre-processor Directives [NMP]
PRE03-CPre-processor Directives [NMP]
PRE09-CExecuting or Loading Untrusted Code [XYS]
PRE10-CPre-processor Directives [NMP]
PRE13-CPre-processor Directives [NMP]
STR03-CString Termination [CJM]
STR07-CUse of Libraries [TRJ]
STR11-CString Termination [CJM]
WIN02-CAdherence to Least Privilege [XYN]
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